Here are a few links I find interesting...

Source Code in TV and Films - a fun tumbler page that analyzes code

EBoy - the art of the three German artists who comprise EBoy captures a beautiful imaginary version of the real world with an 8-bit aesthetic.  Check out this tribute video from The Verge.  


8-bit City - Nintendo-style maps of the world's great cities

Learn to Code

CodeCademy - a great free way to learn code.

This Is Responsive - full of useful resoponsive web design links - a nice collection of excellent responsivly designed websites.

Favorite Podcasts

This Week in Tech (TWiT) – a collection of excellent technology-focused podcasts.  Very informative and entertaining.
This American Life - an amazing radio program that comes in podcast form, this is my favorite Public Radio program. Support your local Public Radio!

Interesting Charlotte Locations

As a resident of Charlotte, NC for almost 10 years I've stumbled on some really cool places!

The Map Shop, U.S. National White Water Center, Discovery PlaceAbari (I am not sure if Abari is open yet, but it sounds really cool!),

In the last few years breweries have popped up everywhere in Charlotte:

Old Mecklenburg Brewery, Noda Brewery, Birdsong Brewery, Heist Brewery

Open Source Software

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have access to powerful tools—use open source software and get all of the power of pro software but with the freedom of open source!  

Open Office or Libre Office instead of MS Office (I now give Libre an edge over Open Office)
Mozilla Thunderbird instead of Outlook
Inkscape instead of Illustrator
Gimp instead of Photoshop
Scribus instead of InDesign
Notepad++ just an awesome text editor
Kompozer WYSIWYG HTML editor instead of Dreamweaver (or try NVu or BlueGriffin)

My Other Websites/Projects – my first attempt at making a website.  I keep it around for nostalgia’s stake and blogging. – my original portfolio.  Similar stuff.
Retro Video Game Console Museum - a little class project (on this domain) several years ago to code in PHP
Christmix - a Christmas music project with a friend.  My friend selects the music.  I create the album art.

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