Graphic Design

Here are some examples of my creative work...  

Bike and Build

Some friends of mine who are construction experts and avid cyclists needed a logo for their new construction business. (BTW, their work is excellent)


Mapping Uptown Charlotte

Download a map of the center of the Queen City (aka Uptown Charlotte).


download map - 11x17 inches

Parks & Rec

Here is a map I designed of Purcell Park. Last year was the 60th anniversary of the creation of the park.

Download the original version as PDF  |  Download the 60th Anniversary Version (11x17)

ppark map 60th

Santa's Distribution Route

A friend requested a design for a Christmas music mix CD.  I thought it would be fun to combine the visual style of a subway map with the route Santa would take to deliver presents.  The North Pole is the equivalent of Grand Central Station for the busy elves. 


download CD cover - download map

Changing a Neighborhood 

Here is a map I made for Habitat Charlotte that shows a bird's eye view of the efforts the orgnization has made to change just one of many nighborhoods in Charlotte for the better.  Habitat Charlotte has made and continues to make a tremendous impact in the Reid Park neighborhood. 


download pdf

What goes into a Habitat home

This graphic illustrates what goes into a Habitat home.  Data provided by Habitat Charlotte based on average materials used in construction of a Habitat Home. 


download larger version

What is more useful than a biz card?

A business card that is also a bookmark.  My friend Amy has a real gift for creating beautiful ceramics and she wanted a bookmark rather than a business card to advertize her business.  You can find her work for sale in galleries around North Carolina and the country, including Lark & Key.


download pdf

Remembering The Old Homestead

Here is a scale isometric representation of a city block in the neighborhood where I used to live.  I guess I’m a little nostalgic.

my old block1-example

download pdf

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